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Florida Museum

The Florida Museum houses more than 40 million specimens and artifacts, including one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of butterflies and moths, and is one the nation’s top five museums. Visitors to the exhibits facility on the UF campus can enjoy hundreds of exotic, live butterflies in the award-winning "Butterfly Rainforest" exhibit, witness a South Florida Calusa Indian welcoming ceremony, experience a life-size limestone cave and enjoy fossil skeletons, including a mammoth and mastodon from the last ice age.

Gainesville, FL
Region(s): Northeast
County: Alachua
Type(s): History Science

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

The FLORIDA MUSEUM of PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS is a museum dedicated to exhibiting important photographic art as central to contemporary life and culture. FMoPA collects, preserves, and exhibits historic and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known photographic artists. FMoPA also enriches the community by operating outreach programs to educate children and adults.

Tampa, FL
Region(s): Central
County: Hillsborough
Type(s): Art Other

Gadsden Arts Center & Museum

The Gadsden Arts Center & Museum is an independent, nonprofit visual art museum and center located in downtown Quincy, just west of Tallahassee. The museum’s mission is to foster understanding and appreciation of the visual arts to improve the quality of life in Gadsden County and the region. For the past 25 years, the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum has strived to offer art educational opportunities for local children, support local artists’ careers, expose the community to nationally known artists, and stimulate economic growth and tourism for Gadsden County. Through varied programming such as our Gadsden Arts @ Home digital series, out free Art @ Home Kits and our Art Camp, the institution aspires to be a welcoming space for all.

Quincy, FL
Region(s): North Central
County: Gadsden
Type(s): Art

Gifford Historical Museum & Cultural Center

A historical museum with a focus on local historical residents, including six original Highwaymen; and African American history. The museum is housed in the 1908 Old Macedonia Colored church in Gifford, FL.

Gifford, FL
Region(s): Central
County: Indian River
Type(s): History

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCRM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of railroad history and culture through preservation, restoration, and education.

Miami, FL
Region(s): Southeast
County: Miami-Dade
Type(s): Historic Home History Other

Goldsboro Museum

The Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association, Inc. is home to the Goldsboro Museum, Francis Oliver Cultural Arts and Goldsboro Welcome Center, Crooms Academy Museum, Goldsboro Art Square, The Goldsboro Heritage & Art Garden, and Page Jackson Cemetery. The Goldsboro Museum: On December 1, 1891 the town of Goldsboro was the second black incorporated City in the United States. The Goldsboro Museum showcases and preserves the history, heritage, livelihood, and culture of Goldsboro, Florida. 

Sanford, FL
Region(s): Central
County: Seminole
Type(s): History

Goodwood Museum & Gardens

For the past 180 years, Goodwood’s story has paralleled the history of North Florida. Goodwood's Main House Museum was built in the 1830s, and the Goodwood estate has been preserved as a house museum and public park since 1990. Over 20 acres and 18 historic structures still remain from the original estate.

Tallahassee, FL
Region(s): North Central
County: Leon
Type(s): Historic Home

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

This 20-acre coastal preserve is an experience you can’t miss! Sea turtles, fish, and other marine animals swim in seawater tanks. Take a stroll through the butterfly garden and walk through the hardwood hammock along a boardwalk capturing views of native Florida and the Intracoastal waterway. Stop in the Florida Atlantic University Marine Lab where researchers conduct valuable scientific research regarding marine life. Participate in one of our many environmentally focused programs for children, adults, and families.

Boca Raton, FL
Region(s): Southeast
County: Palm Beach
Type(s): Gardens Park Science Other

Havana History & Heritage Society

The goal of the Havana History & Heritage Society is to preserve and highlight the historical assets and events of the Havana community.

Havana, FL
Region(s): North Central
County: Gadsden
Type(s): History

Heartland Cultural Alliance: Peter Powell Roberts Museum of Art

A museum showcasing the work of a Florida master artist, local artists and much more. Avon Park Community and Cultural Center is the home of Heartland Cultural Alliance's Peter Powell Roberts Museum of Art, Art Gallery, Gift Shop and the War Dog Memorial.

Avon Park, FL
Region(s): Southwest
County: Highlands
Type(s): Art

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